Hunter x Hunter Manga Ful Chapter

This Hunter x Hunter Manga is one of the manga series in which it tells about an adventure that is very exciting and which is certainly very entertaining.

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Hunter x Hunter Manga Storyline

Synopsis Hunter x Hunter Manga

In this manga series tells about an adventure looking for treasure in a manga series where this is not an ordinary adventure where we can find very extraordinary scenes apart from behind the figure of an adventure looking for a treasure, it turns out that there is a child figure who named Gon, he is willing to become a hunter in order to meet his father.

He wants to be a hunter because he wants to meet his father named Ging, his father is a hunter too, where he likes to hunt for very famous treasures, Gon is still young, he was 11 years old when he decided to become a hunter, various I have been through the adventure so I have met a lot of my comrades in arms.

In addition, the hunters then hoped that with a group of famous robbers, this adventure against these very vicious ants took place to save humans on earth, so they could not be taken over by the ant colony.

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