The Legendary Man Full Chapter 488
The Legendary Man Full Chapter 488

The Legendary Man Full Chapter 488

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Are you looking for a novel series with a very exciting storyline and certainly very entertaining for the reader, for those of you who are looking for the novel, we will recommend The Legendary Man.

Well, do you know about The Legendary Man, this novel is one of the most loved novels by people, besides that this novel is also one of the novels with the most readers’ interest.

Which is now a lot of people who have read it more than 1 million people.

Maybe you already know about the storyline of The Legendary Man, but for those of you who don’t know it at all.

Then you are very lucky because you have visited our very appropriate article or website because where on this occasion we will share a synopsis of The Legendary Man chapter 488.

For those of you who are curious about The Legendary Man part 488. Come on, see the discussion that we will provide.

Synopsis of The Legendary Man part 488

Storyline of The Legendary Man Full Chapter 488


The plot of this story begins with Jonathan furrowing his brows, which is why he recalls an information he has gathered about a respectable family.

“Are you saying the honorable family is behind the Gomez family gift on my head?” he said.

“You are absolutely right”

At that moment Philip couldn’t help but sigh as he wished.

Six years ago Lachlan had occupied Lumonburg and proclaimed himself king, and at that time the characteristics of the Gomez family were very influential.

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